Eltron has been founded in the 1999 by Mr. Augusto Gabotto.

Mr. Augusto Gabotto began his activity in the field of electrical coils in the year 1978. In those years he worked in Milan at a big company of this industrial sector but the distance from his family together to the strong entrepreneurial spirit, have pushed him to open the first business reality in Casale  Monferrato, his city. This small company had the name “DISAL” and was the starting point to lay the groundwork to build up together with his first business partner the company S.G.B. in the year 1981.

In those years the market was very “alive” and within the next four years the company ITALSET was founded at the same address as ELTRON is located today.
The '90s were years of great successes and satisfaction in which Augusto Gabotto has developed a lot of experience in the sector and he has achieved very important goals such as the co-design and production of an injection systems for cars currently on the market. Italset supplied customers of maximum level and has obtained all the Quality Certifications necessary to provide different kind of markets.

In 1998 the company ITALSET was sold to an American Group and  Augusto Gabotto decided to open a new company in order to offer the possibility to his family to continue and to grow in this business field.  In the year 1999 the society ELTRON was founded and today Paolo Gabotto, the son of Augusto Gabotto, leads the company.   

The premature death of Augusto Gabotto in the year 2011 was a great loss but his way to undertake personal and business relationship has been transmitted to the whole staff.