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The brand ELTRON

The brand ELTRON distinguishes the elements which are the standard of the company policy:

E Efficiency
L Liability
T Tecnology
R Research & development
O Optimization
N New product

Efficiency "E"  is one of the strongest characteristics of  ELTRON
The customer will never miss an answer and we always search for an optimal solution to satisfy the customer’s needs. It’s our aim to build up a good relationship between client-supplier.

Liability  “L”  is something of which ELTRON does not compromise.
Our company wants its customers to feel save and involves them in their development activities.

ELTRON make use of modern technologies  “T” trying to keep up with the new sophisticated solutions. In the perspective of continuous improvement and cost reduction, we try to offer our customers innovative solutions.

Research and development "R" are two elements on which the ELTRON never stops working. The search of new materials and innovative solutions are at the base of our job.

Optimization  “O”  of the production process and material purchasing, allows ELTRON to provide its customers in the shortest possible time and in compliance with the Quality.

The new products “N” on which ELTRON works on a daily basis are the future on which ELTRON invests the necessary resources in order to satisfy any request.